Assessment in surgical training and practice a very interesting and complex issue. various forms of assessment are in current use including the ISCP WBA, 360 degree assessments, exams, appraisals... etc.

it affects all levels from medical students to consultants.

We have been using subjective and objective measures, direct and remote, validated and non validated for assessing trainees performance during the simulation programme.

we are also working on suggesting some improvements to the current ISCP assessment tools to make them more reflective and sensitive to show change in performance.

The ideal assessment tool should be objective, user friendly, short, able to identify change and applicable to simulation and real life performance.


Example of assessment tools used.

Please note these tools are copy right protected and are not for distribution

  1. Endoscopic Rhinology assessment tools

  2. Rigid Bronchoscopy assessment tool

  3. Tracheostomy assessment tool

  4. Pouch Stapling assessment tool

  5. Mastoidectomy assessment tool

  6. Flexible bronchoscopy assessment tool

  7. Skin flaps assessment tool

  8. Microlaryngoscopy assessment tool

  9. Laryngectomy assessment tool